Project GoalTron

Hello readers! We’ve been dabbling in timers, study habits, and productivity techniques for some time now, and we’ve noticed something. We’ve been helping you all reach your goals in one way or another. Bing!! Idea!!

What if we helped you track and reach all kinds of goals? Wouldn’t that help even more? Wouldn’t we be providing more value to the world? Well, out of this, Project GoalTron was born! Follow along as we roll out some helpful content that you can use to reach your max, and beyond!!

Step 1 – Find Your Goals

How to Find, blog post, and media.

Step 2 – Track Your Goals

How to Track, blog post, and media.

Step 3 – Journal and Brainstorm

Blog post, and media for journaling and idea creation.

Step 4 – Track Your Habits

Blog post and media

Our Book

Put all of these together into our custom made book.