The Color Wheel with a Gradient Background – Circle

The Color Wheel with a Gradient Background – Circle – 10 Hours / 4K / 60fps – Ambilight Test Video

Some idea’s take a long time to come up with, create, and upload. Others just kind of hit you. I made this one on a whim really in one sitting. It’s a new take on the classic color wheel. The inspiration for this was mostly the idea that someone could use it with the “Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip”. I saw some videos of people using the lightstrip, then I had this idea, then I made it a thing.

If anyone ends up using this video with a lightstrip, please record it and send me a link to it somehow, I’d love to see it. I might end up getting the lightstrip at some point, but no plans at the moment.

Edit: So I came across the term “Ambilight”, which from what I gather is a generic term for lighting behind the TV. So I’m adding ambilight to the title and the description now because I do think it accurately describes what my intent was for this video. My hope is that people use this video as an ambilight test video. If you use it as an ambilight Test video, I’d love to see that. Please reach out to me if you do. thanks again.

Below is a link to the Phillips Hue Play gradient lightstrip.

The Phillips Hue Play gradient switch isn’t on Amazon yet, so instead of an affiliate link to it (which I’ll update when it’s available) I’ll just add some Phillips Hue amazon affiliate links below. If you click and use them you help me out with some referral moneys, thanks.

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