Color Changing Dinosaur Night Light

Color Changing Dinosaur Night Light – 10 Hours / 4K I purchased the Tommy Dinosaur MultiColor changing night light, recorded it, and made a loop from it that goes for 10 hours. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Link to product on Amazon (this is an affiliate link so I will get paid a little if you buy … Read more

The Color Wheel with a Gradient Background – Circle

The Color Wheel with a Gradient Background – Circle – 10 Hours / 4K / 60fps – Ambilight Test Video Some idea’s take a long time to come up with, create, and upload. Others just kind of hit you. I made this one on a whim really in one sitting. It’s a new take on … Read more

Cyberpunk Color Wheel

Cyberpunk Color Wheel – 10 Hours This is a series of colors that go round for 10 hours. The colors are #711490, #ea33d9, #56bdc6, #163c7c, and #0a1633. The video goes around the a cyberpunk themed color scheme color wheel. I hope that some like it. Feel free to drop a note in the comments about … Read more

Pastel Color Wheel

Pastel Color Wheel – 10 hours I made a pastel version of the color wheel. I hope you like it. Hex Color Values used: c8cee8, f19fa4, f5bab4, f9dbc4, e5efce, c0e8d8 There are other pastel color wheels available in a playlist via the link below. –

Beach Palette Color Wheel

Beach Palette Color Wheel – 10 Hours – 4K This color wheel is based on a beach palette theme. The colors in it are listed below. I like this one, it’s got a nice, bright, and sunny feel to it. Let me know how you like it in the comments. #9cc5b0 #f4e7ae #e6746b #f0c86c